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I’m Thomas Edward O’Neil and I have done it.  Here is what you were looking for your whole life if you really wished to read the Voynich Manuscript.  Here you can download my interpretation of the VMS.

If you wish to become a partner and fund the total decoding process of the Voynich Manuscript.  Then you are welcome to make a donation to this fund campaign.


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First off, let me discuss the syntax and grammar of the Voynich Manuscript when my cipher is applied.  Prefixes in my cipher indicate nouns, adjectives, verbs, adverbs and conjunctions.  It seems to me, that the structure of the VMS within my cipher uses the first two letters as an indicator for what prefix maybe associated with the Ordinal number of the Gematria word.  As a basses’ for investigating word origins, my cipher combines syntax too Ordinal Gematria (A=1 throughout the alphabet Z=26) to find words in Middle English.   The tools for prefix’s and suffix’s examples are listed below, which indicate a structured language! Perhaps this script was invented by the Author Chaucer between (1361 A.D. through 1368 A.D.) or it is a lost Celtic language, which I believe was Geoffrey Chaucer’s choice.  I believe the Carbon dating is not fully tested yet for the Voynich Manuscript; or Chaucer in Old age near the end of the 14th Century laid down the text.




Proposal for the deciphering of the Voynich Manuscript:

Programmer needed,

I believe that the VMS words are just letters that equal numbers which are not represented as a language.  However, with my cipher and by applying numbers to words you can make sense of the Voynich Manuscript to Middle English. I’m in search of a programmer who can apply my cipher to the VMS corpus of words and correlate it to a database of an Middle English Dictionary associated with Gematria numbers.  The programmer would have to use another piece of code which checks for grammar.  Also the programmer would have to gain access to every VMS vord and substitute my cipher to every letter of it.

What’s needed?

1)   Entire list of all the VMS vords
2)   Middle English and Latin Dictionary
3)   Dictionary is associated with standard Ordinal English Gematria
4)   A grammar checker
5)   My Cipher

At the moment I have a modern dictionary of about 360,000 words which include Gematria Numbers and a star list with its numbers as-well.  If you feel you’re up to the task please help.  Please email me if you would like to decode the VMS Manuscript.  I have an excel file which can pull in the Ordinal Numbers from a list of words so that part is ready!

Tom E. O’Neil


Simply click on a word or phrase and it will show the code behind the word or phrase.    Then do a search for the terms using the find in your upper right google find bar for the phrase or search word in the Gematria list of words and phrases.  The code word corresponds from the letters to the voynich glyph’s in my cipher from the Voynich Gematria chart in the Zodiac.








Aldebaran Pleiade(Reakq 52) Tauris(RneoRaq 88) The Sheep(qsaoRao 86)

Tauro (Rnezak 75)  Gemini  July  Lion  Innocence  Librans (entqs 75)

Scorpio  Arrow  Goats (ejakRq 62)  Waters   Fishes Chives (ejaoRq 66)














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